About Us

What is NOSI

NOSI is an "Open School" to cater to the needs of a heterogeneous group of learners up to pre-degree level.

It was started as a project with in-built flexibilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979.

In 1986, the National Policy on Education suggested strengthening of Open School System

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Welcome to NOSI

I congratulate and welcome you for choosing the National Open School Insitute(NOSI) as your preferred option for continue your studies.

You will find that NOSI is an institution with a difference. It is an open school which incourages flexibility and freedom to learner.

NOSI is one of the three national board and the only board..

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Why Us?

Culture within the Costa del Sol and beyond

NOSI offers its courses of study through open distance learning (ODL) mode of education popularly known as open schooling

NOSI developed its own curriculum, self learning material and media support programs utilizing expertise of faculty from various academic and vocational education institutions/organizations.

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